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Question: I have a white jacket from which I removed a stain using water, Mulsolite, Pyratex LV, and Wet/Dry, and let it sit overnight. However, this process left a large water ring on the jacket. After using Spotless as directed to remove the water ring, the jacket initially looked good, but on closer inspection, it now has a slight greyish tint in the areas where the stain and water ring were. What can I do to remove this greyish tint and restore the jacket to its original white color?

Answer: The greyish tint you’re noticing likely results from remnants of the stain spreading into a larger area and not being completely removed during the initial treatment. I recommend re-treating the affected area with Pyratex LV. Work the product into the area by tamping it lightly. After that, thoroughly flush the area with steam and allow it to air dry using an air gun. Then, apply Spotless HC liberally and re-clean the area while it’s still damp, using distilled solvent if possible. This should help remove the greyish tint and restore the jacket’s white color.