For decades, the Adco and Laidlaw brands have been a comprehensive line of specialty cleaning products and detergents for the drycleaning industry.  Since December 2014, R. R. Street & Co. Inc. continued to manufacture the Adco and Laidlaw products for their loyal customers. These include drycleaning, wetcleaning and laundry products, spotting agents and boiler treatments.

Drycleaning Detergents

Hydrocarbon Solvent Systems
  • C-300™   combination injection detergent 
  • Grand™   an injection detergent with excellent soil removal properties
  • Medallion™   combination cationic injection detergent with sizing 
  • Triple Play 2000™   combination charge or injection detergent, with sizing and brightener 
  • Dri-sheen® Dbl Triple X   drycleaning detergent for petroleum systems
  • (Laidlaw) Optima HC™   drycleaning detergent for hydrocarbon systems
Perchloroethylene Solvent Systems
  • (Laidlaw) Clorosheen®   charge or injection detergent
  • D-F-B XTRA™   combination charge or injection detergent with sizing and brighteners
  • (Laidlaw) Economy Line™   charge or injection detergent
  • (Laidlaw) Normandy™   injection drycleaning detergent for high distillation operations
  • Perk Sheen® 324   drycleaning detergent for perchloroethylene, charge process systems
  • Soft Kleen® XTRA   charge or injection anionic detergent
  • Tiger®   combination injection drycleaning detergent for perchloroethylene with sizing and brighteners
  • Topcat®   cationic injection detergent
GREENEARTH® Solvent Systems
  • Merit™   combination injection detergent with sizing
K4 Solvent Systems
  • NS Detergent™   a drycleaning detergent for use in K4 systems
  • NS Prewash™   a drycleaning prewash for use in K4 systems


  • (Laidlaw) Injectable Sizing   liquid sizing for use in hydrocarbon or perchloroethylene cleaning systems 
  • (LaidLaw) Silksheen™   assists in eliminating streaks and swales from most garments
  • Texture Life®   economical, quality sizing product that helps restore the original look and feel while resulting in a professional finish


  • (Laidlaw) Aquasize®   wetcleaning sizing
  • Fine Clean™   wetcleaning detergent
  • Fine Plus™   wetcleaning combination detergent 
  • Fine Replenish™   water-based fabric restorer for wetcleaning
  • Fine Texture™   combination sizing and conditioner for wetcleaning
  • (Laidlaw) Khaki Klean™   wetcleaning combination detergent
  • (Laidlaw) Power Brite®   wetcleaning detergent
  • (Laidlaw) Softenall®   liquid wetcleaning and laundry fabric softener
  • (Laidlaw) Soft N Brite™   gentle liquid laundry and wetcleaning detergent

Leather Products

  • ASL™ Kit   3-step kit for cleaning suedes and leathers including UGG-type footwear
  • ASL Step 1: Cleaner
  • ALS Step 2: Conditioner
  • ALS Step 3: Water Repel
  • Leather Sheen II™   leather soap for suede and all leather garments
  • Leather Sof™   pretreatment for leather softening
  • Pale Oil™   restores silks and protects leathers while you clean

Laundry Products

  • Adco 1340  built powder laundry
  • Adco Eco Laundry Detergent  laundry detergent for customers, sold through drycleaners
  • Adco Liquid Laundry Detergent  commercial highly concentrated detergent with brighteners for whiter whites
  • ALK 20  alkaline booster
  • (Laidlaw) Concentrated Laundry Degreaser™   degreasing agent for use in laundry and professional wetcleaning
  • Degreaser  liquid laundry degreaser
  • Discover™   liquid laundry detergent
  • Eagle™   combination one shot, enzyme formulated powder laundry detergent
  • Flex®  Liquid  laundry detergent
  • Flex Plus™   combines detergent, conditioner, brightener and sizing for effective professional wetcleaning
  • (Laidlaw) Formula Z™   liquid laundry booster
  • Horizon™   powder color-safe oxygen bleach
  • Liquid Sour   laundry sour
  • Old Blue™   liquid starch 
  • (Laidlaw) Ovation™   combination one shot, enzyme powder laundry detergent
  • Premium Plus™   one-shot, triple-enzyme powder laundry detergent
  • (Laidlaw) Rigid™   instant powdered laundry starch
  • Soft Sour™   combination liquid sour, fabric softener & conditioner
  • Stinger™   liquid wetcleaning and laundry degreaser and booster
  • (Laidlaw) Target™   powder laundry detergent for general use

Spotting Products

  • Acetic Acid  tannin stain remover
  • American POG  dry-side oily type stain remover
  • Ammonia Solution  ammonia spotting agent for protein and other stain removal, and for laundry applications
  • Amyl Acetate  ink, heavy grease and grass stain remover
  • Blue Flash™   wet-side, dry-side, combination, and unknown stain remover
  • (Laidlaw) Boot®   spray spotter
  • B-P-R™   wet-side protein stain remover
  • CNC™ (Collar & Cuff)  laundry collar and cuff pre-spotter. combines both dry-side and wet-side spotting agents.
  • (Laidlaw) Collar Solution™   collar and cuff scrub
  • Easy Out™   wet-side spotter and leveling agent
  • H/C Too™   combination spotter for hydrocarbon systems
  • (Laidlaw) H/C Wetspo™   dry-side POG for use in hydrocarbon systems
  • Hydro Spot™   combination POG
  • Knock Out™   ink remover
  • (Laidlaw) Laundry Wetspo™   wet-side biodegradable POG
  • Neutra™   wet-side neutral lubricant
  • Nox Spots Double™   concentrated wet-side collar and cuff pre-spotter for spray application
  • (Laidlaw) P.O.G.   paint, oil and grease remover
  • Puro™   dry-side volatile dry spotter (VDS)
  • Release™   wet-side grease and ink spotter
  • (Laidlaw) RSR® Digest (2 lb bottles)  concentrated stain digester
  • Rust & Stain Remover – 10 oz.   rust remover
  • SB Lev™   dry-side spotter & leveling agent for water-sensitive fabrics in Green Earth systems
  • SB POG™   dry-side POG for use in GreenEarth systems
  • Semi Wet™   wet-side combination spotter
  • (Laidlaw) Silk Prespot™   pre-spotter for water sensitive fabrics
  • Super Tan™ +    wet-side tannin stain remover
  • (Laidlaw) Tergit®  wet-side neutral lubricant
  • Water White™ Spray Spotter   wet-side spray spotter concentrate
  • (Laidlaw) Wetspo® (Laundry)   wet-side biodegradable paint, oil and grease remover
  • Wetspot™   wet-side protein remover

Miscellaneous Chemicals

  • All Star  odor treatment and cleaning booster with a fresh clean scent
  • Aqua Sunshine Fresh™   liquid laundry odor treatment
  • (Laidlaw) Deodorizer   odor neutralizer
  • Fabric Guard™   water and stain repellant
  • iClean™   garment treatment for Ipura systems
  • Plasticizer #2™   a drycleaning additive that restores suppleness to plastic type fabric trim
  • PuraClean®   a cleaning additive for use with Ipura systems. For use with spray tank connected to system.
  • Sunshine Fresh™   liquid laundry odor treatment, fresh citrus scent
  • (Laidlaw) Wallerstat™   drycleaning additive to help neutralize the static charge that can develop during the drying cycle


  • Boiler Compound™  boiler water treatment
  • (Laidlaw) Boiler Guard™  boiler water treatment
  • Boil Soft™ boiler water treatment for soft water fed boilers



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