Charge process detergent for use in all hydrocarbon systems

Drycleaning solvent used alone will not effectively remove all the soils found on garments. CONDUSOL is a concentrated detergent formulated to remove and suspend insoluble soils so they can be removed in hydrocarbon systems. CONDUSOL is also useful in controlling free moisture, reducing static and lint, and preventing soils from redepositing.

The Key to Petroleum Cleaning Quality™

Maximum Detergency
CONDUSOL is concentrated, yet light in color. CONDUSOL is used at a charge concentration of 2% to provide outstanding detergency without the need for a separate rinse.

Unlocks Water-Soluble Soil
Solvent alone cannot remove water-soluble soil. Safe and effective removal is accomplished only when a detergent can put moisture to work. CONDUSOL is designed specifically to provide the rapid exchange of water between fabric and charged solvent that is necessary to clean away water-soluble soil, and do it without causing wrinkling or other fabric damage.

Can be Used With Automatic Moisture Controls
Powerful moisture-handling capabilities make CONDUSOL ideal for use with automatic moisture controls which continuously monitor solvent humidity. Additions of controlled amounts of moisture optimize the safe removal of water-soluble soils and stains.

Controls Free Moisture
Uncontrolled (free) moisture serves as a breeding ground for bacteria. CONDUSOL is formulated to effectively control moisture. This helps prevent the formation of unpleasant solvent and garment odors.

Minimizes Static Cling and Lint Problems
CONDUSOL has outstanding static control properties to minimize lint problems and static cling. There is less need for manual lint removal and your customers will love how their garments resist clinging and lint when worn.

Helps Prevent Redeposition
With its excellent soil suspension properties, CONDUSOL suspends loosened, insoluble soils so they can be carried away from garments to the filter for safe removal from the solvent. Your customers’ clothes will be cleaner and brighter.

Easy to Use
There’s no easier way to use a detergent than to simply maintain a constant concentration in the work solvent. Once the initial CONDUSOL charge has been established, one need only make periodic additions for new, distilled, or reclaimed solvent.

The Charge Can Be Accurately Tested
Every quality drycleaning operation requires exacting quality control. The CONDUSOL charge can be tested quickly and easily to ensure consistent cleaning performance.

Approved for High Flash Point Petroleum Solvents
Since CONDUSOL does not contain any low flash point solvents, it is particularly well suited for use in machines employing the newer high flash point petroleum solvents

Please see CONDUSOL catalog page for product usage instructions.

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