DF-2000™ Fluid

Synthetic High Flash Hydrocarbon (HFHC) for Drycleaning

ExxonMobil Chemical Company’s DF-2000 Fluid has earned a reputation among drycleaning professionals as the best available solvent. DF-2000 is manufactured to ensure consistent, premium quality, so it remains stable through multiple distillation and reclamation cycles. Consistent quality means predictable cleaning performance and a consistent level of safety that is not available in lesser quality hydrocarbon solvents. There are no usage, franchise or royalty fees required.

Consistent Quality and Proven Cleaning Performance with DF-2000™ Fluid—The Proven Alternative

ExxonMobil Chemical Company’s DF-2000 Fluid for drycleaning was first introduced in 1994 as an alternative to the solvents in common use by drycleaners. Since that time, DF-2000 Fluid has gained widespread acceptance and today is used in thousands of drycleaning plants in the United States alone.

The growth of DF-2000 Fluid has outpaced all of the alternative technologies offered for drycleaning. This is a result of many factors including health, safety and environmental benefits, excellent cleaning performance, proven equipment technology, commercial practicality, and a reduced regulatory burden.

DF-2000 Fluid provides you with the peace of mind that comes from a well-developed, broadly supported technology with a track record of proven performance.

Proven Cleaning Performance
When used with properly designed processes, additives and equipment, DF-2000 Fluid provides cleaning performance comparable to perchloroethylene.

Consistent, Premium Quality
DF-2000 Fluid is manufactured and packaged to high standards of consistency and purity to deliver the same high-quality performance time after time. DF-2000 Fluid remains stable through multiple distillation and reclamation cycles.

Virtually Odorless
Solvents with a higher level of aromatics contain more solvent odor. DF-2000 Fluid has the lowest aromatic content of any HFHC drycleaning solvent.

Gentle on Dyes, Safer on Trims
The gentle cleaning action of DF-2000 Fluid is safer for most dyes and trims, so you can rely on it to safely clean a wider range of fancy and fragile articles with less risk of dye bleeding.

Cost Effective
There are no usage, franchise or royalty fees required. In states where a solvent usage tax has been imposed, DF-2000 Fluid is either exempt or the usage tax per gallon is minimal. When coupled with effective processes and additives, labor and production costs are reasonable.

Proven Equipment Technology
Equipment makers have more experience with DF-2000 Fluid than any other alternative solvent. Modern filtration, distillation, solvent recovery, water separation and safety technologies are refined and well developed to give you reliable, trouble-free operation.

Proven Additive Technologies
Detergent and fabric finish additives are essential to provide important enhancements to cleaning performance in any drycleaning system. DF-2000 Fluid is the only alternative solvent technology that is supported by a comprehensive system that includes proven additives and widely available technical support. That means you get cleaning technology you can rely on to perform for now and the future.

Drycleaning systems based on DF-2000 Fluid are so dependable and easy to use, you might say they are friendly to everyone: landlords, owners, operators and customers. It is the one alternative solvent that you can look to for peace of mind.

Please refer to the DF-2000 FLUID catalog page for complete details on usage instructions.

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