Thank you for using our simple Street’s Stain Removal Guide for help in removing some of the more common stains.   If you know the type of stain you are removing, please click on the fabric care process you are working with below:  Drycleaning or Wetcleaning/Laundry.

To learn more about the identification and classification of the stain, scroll down for basic guidelines.

Before using any chemical product, read the product’s Use Instructions and Safety Data Sheets (SDS).  Users are responsible for complying with national, state, and local regulations regarding the use, handling, and disposal of these products.  Wear/use personal protective gear as described in product SDS.  If unsure of colorfastness of a fabric when using stain removal products, test garments in an unexposed area before attempting stain removal.  Avoid scrubbing or other harsh mechanical actions.

Stain Removal Process

When trying to identify the type of stain, it’s important to consider the following:

Now that you have narrowed down the type of stain you are trying to remove, begin by selecting the method you will be using to remove the stain below: