With Merasol, You Can Expect More Detergent Power for Your Money

Street’s has recently reintroduced Merasol®—one of its best-selling, and most solid performers, in drycleaning detergent products. Merasol’s formula makes it a powerful adversary against the most demanding stains and soils, and outmatches the competition in terms of performance, versatility, and price.

Merasol is uniquely designed to provide proper detergent performance in both load (injection) and charge processes, for both perchloroethylene and hydrocarbon solvents. It controls moisture for effective water-soluble soil and stain removal, helping to eliminate costly recleans and post-spotting treatments. Merasol also provides fabric protection and prevention of solvent and garment odors, so customers are satisfied every time.

For serious drycleaning professionals that are interested in providing the best results for their customers, and in high value products and performance, Merasol’s consistent cleaning ability provides optimum savings per wash. This Miracle Detergentis the gold standard in affordability and performance!

Merasol Benefits:

  • Versatile, value-driven and easy to use
  • Performs equally well in perchloroethylene and hydrocarbon solvents
  • Outstanding detergent power
  • Controls moisture for eff­ective water-soluble soil and stain removal, fabric protection and prevention of solvent and garment odors
  • Helps prevent redeposition, static cling and lint problems

Contact Us to Learn More

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