Street’s Expands H2PRO® Wetcleaning Line

H2PRO Wetcleaning Line now includes All-In-One Detergent, Degreaser, and Color Replenish to further customize wetcleaning processes for the unique challenges of each operation.

NAPERVILLE, IL–R. R. Street & Co. Inc. has announced the addition of three new products to their H2PRO wet-cleaning line: 1) an All-In-One Detergent which includes a conditioner, brighteners and sizing, 2) a Degreaser, and 3) a Color Replenisher.

H2PRO All-In-One Detergent is specifically designed to expand the capabilities and overall efficiency of wetcleaning operations. It provides a flexible, cost-effective, high-quality wetcleaning solution for operations where programming needs, space, production time, or machine configuration limit the number of products that may be used. It is specially designed for wetcleaning mixed loads like khakis, golf shirts and casual wear, along with fine washables like wool, rayon and silks. H2PRO All-In-One Detergent can be used in professional wetcleaning machines, in consumer machines, or for cleaning delicate items by hand.

H2PRO Degreaser is a uniquely formulated product that is ideal for wetcleaning loads where there is a higher than average level of greases, oils and particulate matter on items. It is effective across a wide range of temperatures and water conditions, which makes H2PRO Degreaser a perfect choice for use in diverse water-based cleaning applications from professional wetcleaning to both consumer and commercial laundry machines.

H2PRO Color Replenish is a uniquely formulated product that helps restore wetcleaned items to their original look and feel. This new wetcleaning technology restores the luster and deepens the color of wet-cleaned items, while also fighting shrinkage by improving the resistance of fabrics to rubbing and abrasion during the drying process. H2PRO Color Replenish also minimizes garment static, minimizing the need for manual lint removal, saving the operator time, frustration, and labor.

According to Street’s Executive Vice President, Americas, Kristen Vos, “As drycleaning operations increase the use of wetcleaning in their fabric care processes, there is a growing need for a greater variety of wetcleaning products that can be effectively combined to meet the unique challenges of each operation. We are dedicated to helping our customers design a wetcleaning process that preserves and enhances the quality of fabric care being provided within their operation. These new products are an important part of that commitment, along with training and education that we continue to provide.” R.R. Street & Co. Inc. has emerged as an industry leading supplier of professional wetcleaning formulations with their line of H2PRO products–guaranteed to complement and enhance wetcleaning operations. Call 1-800-4STREET to learn more about implementing a customized wetcleaning process.

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